We’re still standing

Wow, it’s been a heck of a few months.  I have hated not having enough time to write, but as life will do, you blink and it’s been five months since you’ve written a word.   As my fellow chef spouses will understand, the holidays can be particularly difficult on schedules as you can pretty much count the Chef out of any and all holiday gift buying/planning/shipping/wrapping.  Thank god for Amazon Prime.  If not for this service, I truly don’t know what I would have done.

My 4-year-old ninja

My 4-year-old ninja

Fallen 2-year-old princess

Fallen 2-year-old princess

The Chef and I also celebrated our 4th Anniversary on December 22nd, Christmas, New Year’s, my son’s 4th birthday (Ninja Turtles for him) and then my daughter’s 2nd birthday(Frozen for her).  The good news, is we’re officially through all of it and heading into a week long vacation at the beach in a few days.

The Chef has had quite a bit going on at the restaurant … change of ownership, change of leadership in his restaurant group, lots of high level departures (i guess as a result of the first two things) and he’s literally worked for an entire month straight, no break, no days off … just more work.  It’s funny, when he goes through these kinds of stretches of being away from the house, I almost always begin the process feeling totally stressed about how crazy life will be, but then poof .. it’s over and it doesn’t seem like it was that bad.   Of course, my nails are a mess, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a unibrow, laundry is everywhere, and my car is overdue for an oil change, but we’re alive, healthy, happy and mostly in tact.

How do you guys handle this, as chef wives/girlfriends?  What’s the longest stretch your chef has ever gone without a day off?  If you’ve got little people, what do you do to occupy them and yourself?


Chef/Wife Blog Shout Out to … the awesome Jennifer at Emulsified Family

I love this blog, it’s actually what really inspired me to move forward with getting mine up and running. This post really hits home for me and I am so thankful that Jennifer, over at Emulsified Family is sharing her life with all of us.

Here’s a quick excerpt from one of my favorite posts:

Chef’s work constantly!

Just stating the obvious here, right?

However, if we’re being totally honest here, they do actually come home and sleep and rest at some point.

The problem is, this time they are home to sleep and rest is usually when we are at work.



There is really nothing positive to say about it. (Except maybe . . .

Check out Jennifer’s blog and the rest of this post here:

If you like her post as much as I do, give her a follow. You’ll be glad you did. I know I am!