It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Nope, not Christmas.  It’s Halloween!  My absolute, hands-down, all-time, favorite holiday.  Being a mom has pushed that love/borderline obsession to a new level.  I love everything about Halloween.  It starts with the fact that October is the most beautiful, weather-wise, month of the year, my birthday is around the beginning of the month, there’s the crisp blue skies that start to appear in October (good-bye and good riddance summer haze) and finally, sweet, candy-filled, yard-decorated, costume-filled Halloween!

It may be the theater geek in me that loves the theatrics of it all, or the chance to become someone else for a day.  Maybe back in my 20s I suffered a little bit from the “chance to dress like a “prostitute” in public for a day” thing, but whatever my age, the decade or the company, I’ve always FREAKIN’ loved Halloween.

I can remember coming up with costumes when I was a kid, before places like Party City, Halloween Emporium, and the million other costumers were easily accessible.  I made myself a hobo (not sure that would fly today), a clown, a lumberjack, one year my mom let me dress myself as Sandy from Grease, but the sexed up one from the end of the movie, her wooden heeled shoes, off the shoulder top, red lips and all.  I believe I was 12.  Ahhh the 80s.   I’ve been a witch, a french maid, a kitten (the sexy kind — again 20s) and an actual cat (like with my costume from the Cats review we did in high school), lycra body suit and all.  I love playing dress up.  And I do believe I am on my way to passing this love (illness) onto my kids.

Since J was 9 months old, he’s had 2-3 costumes for each of his 3 years. I know.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  B is on her way to the same costume closet, well if you count all the princess dresses, she may have surpassed his inventory.  They simply must have a costume to just wear around the house whenever they feel like it, one for the daycare’s Fall Festival and Costume Parade and of course, one for the big night!  We may add another dress-up opportunity or two in there, Grant Park Parade, Ogre-tober at the Botanical Gardens, shopping at Target on Saturday night.  The add-on dress-up possibilities are endless.  So, this, my last shopping weekend before Halloween, I will be shopping for a few last minute items for the house, and if that fog machine is still in stock at Target, I will take it as a sign that I really am supposed to have it.

Happy Halloween to all!

Sometimes, you just have to dress as Iron Man to get through your Target shopping experience

Sometimes, you just have to dress as Iron Man to get through your Target shopping experience


Queen Elsa aka the Doodle performing her ice magic on unsuspecting Target shoppers