Getting all social networked up!

Ok, so this is a quick, short, sweet request to join me on my Chef, Wife, Kids, Butter social networks and get all the latest and greatest about the chef’s wife life, potty training, sexy food photos and a glimpse into our Strange little lives in the ATL.


I’m still working on a few other kinks. So, please bare with me while I sync all this up. I promise to have my shit together soon!


About the butter situation

Just so everyone is clear about this butter issue.  It is an important enough player in our lives to be part of the title.  We love butter.  On pancakes, on toast, on potatoes, in our mac and cheese, in the pan with some cuban bread and a cafe con leche, that is heaven.   I think I spend more time writing the word butter on my grocery lists than any other word in our vocabulary.  I have a Chef husband who believes in butter.   On everything.   He is very adamant about the use of real fully fatted butter in cooking, because it tastes freakin’ amazing.  I can’t say much more about it … other than I love it and I probably go through about 6-8 sticks per week.  Yup, a stick of butter every day.  Don’t judge.  There’s four of us.

this is what heaven looks like

this is what heaven looks like

It’s Up!

i’ve finally written a post to kick off my chef’s wife life blog.  i think i like the name.  i mean i love butter.  so do my kids.  so does my husband.  i never have enough in my life or my fridge.  seriously, i buy more butter than is probably socially acceptable.